From overcrowding, lack of resources, brutality and gang assault to false accusations leading to potential lawsuits, correctional facilities are vulnerable. Learn how new advances in surveillance and intelligence technology can help institutions significantly reduce and mitigate these issues.

Please join Verint® on Tuesday, July 23rd at 2:00PM (ET) for an exclusive webinar discussing how correctional facilities can take more aggressive action towards combating potential threats with innovative technology. Learn more about the latest platform from Verint – our Nextiva® Inmate Intelligence solution – that combines audio and video sources to deliver real-time intelligence.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to:

  • Address challenges head-on to enhance inmate health, safety and re-assimilation
  • Learn how audio and video intelligence can simplify operations and provide unified visibility into what’s happening inside your prison
  • Leverage existing camera and microphone infrastructure to reconstruct inmate intelligence
  • See how Verint is working with other customers to provide greater insight

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